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Clejuso number 9 - Handcuffs

Clejuso handcuffs number 9: This is a police handcuff equipped with a quick release and made of stainless steel. The circumference of the arms can be at least 146 mm and a maximum of 230 mm. The weight is approx. 400 grams (closed positions 21). The delivery takes place in the original box including 2 handcuff keys.

This handcuff is manufactured according to the technical guidelines of the federal states and is only supplied to police authorities, the judiciary or the military (and their relatives).

This restraint is an aesthetically fine handcuff of the classic design, which is connected with two chain links. The handcuff has a timeless look and looks very classy due to the matt-glossy and somewhat rough surface. It is particularly noticeable that these police handcuffs can be locked or opened from both sides. Also due to its low weight, this handcuff is comfortable to wear and is the current classic among police handcuffs. The possibility of quick locking protects against unwanted injuries and is uncomplicated to use.

Thanks to ongoing technical innovations and decades of experience, the company CLEMEN & JUNG from Solingen, the city of blades, sets standards in terms of quality and market requirements. Not only the German police, the military and the judiciary are well-known customers of the company CLEMEN & JUNG, authorities from other countries also swear by the quality "Made in Solingen". Because of this, the company CLEMEN & JUNG (Clejuso) is a company with worldwide representation.

Price: 84.00 EUR
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